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Get prepared to lay under My feet and idolize! I love my congenital dominination over men like you. We both know that your finest achievement in life would be being wielded by a gal like me, to obey and try to satisfy me, to join the throng of boys I have already broken, and become another slave at my soles. After all, I am in control – You exist, purely and only, to comply and comply me! – Games that I enjoy with the slaves who come to me to conform me and idolize me! JOI – get your little cocklet in your hands and get on your knees before AnastasiaDomme. I will tell you what to do and when for my amusement CEI – Well, if you’re going to make a mess, don’t think I won’t insist that you neat it up, whether from your arm, the toe of my shoe, or the floor at my soles… SPH – I like my MEN gigantic, but let’s face it, you’re such a pitiful excuse that you barely count

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